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Having been diagnosed with a progressive neurological condition I thought my dreams of learning to dance were long gone. Enter Miranda. So patient, so thoughtfull, so lovely.My husband and I look forward to our Thursday lessons, for the work out and the fun. It doesn’t matter how much I wobble, Miranda always sees a way around it. She really is a dance inspiration. Thank You Miranda Lee xxxx   Rob & Angie Hawkins


We submitted a review two years ago but feel it is time for an update Miranda has become a great friend as well as a terrific instructor in January of this year we took our gold medals in both ballroom and latin and passed them all highly commended which speaks volumes for Miranda’s talents as a dance instructor she is thorough and patient and will go over and over every routine until the whole class is happy with what they are doing. Dancing is fun and keeps us both really fit and the best thing that has ever happened to us, last year whilst on a cruise we were in the ballroom in the evening and the band played a quickstep, we danced and everyone cheered and clapped – once again thank you Miranda.


Lis had been trying to get me to go to dance class for many years. I had successfully managed to avoid it until Lis noticed a poster on the yacht club notice board. Needless to say we joined Miranda’s beginners class the next week. That was Spring 2012 and we are still going. Miranda is a fantastic teacher and the social side of taking part is marvellous.  Lis & Joe Frearson


We’ve been dancing with Miranda and her school since September 2010 and have loved every minute of it.  Weekly lessons are jam packed with challenging dance routines as well as fun and laughter!  Miranda is a patient, skilled and experienced teacher who makes learning a joy.  This year, with Miranda’s commitment to the school and our dedication to dancing, Andrew successfully completed his Gold Medal tests, one in Latin and one in Ballroom, which we were both really pleased about.  We are now working towards the Gold Bar tests, the pressure is on!!  We would highly recommend Miranda to anyone wanting to learn to dance .  Clare & Andrew Pryce


After spending many years regretting not taking up ballroom dancing in my youth, I eventually took the plunge and joined Miranda’s class in November 2010. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised (and still am) at Miranda’s patience and determination to cope with my inability to maintain brain to feet communication. Yet, with the aid of Miranda’s constant repetition of the routines, I am nearly able to remember where my feet are supposed to be from one week to the next. Now, three years on, a group of friends get together on Wednesday evenings to dance. One of whom (Miranda) instructs the rest of us the correct way dance is achieved. I am more than happy for this to continue.  David Ashurst


On 19th October we strolled onto the floor of the Tower Ballroom, Blackpool (where the ‘Strictly’ finals are held) – the Wurlitzer echoed across the room – then we danced the Quickstep. We danced all afternoon and late into the night – Rumba, Cha cha cha, Waltz, Jive… was magic!! It is hard to believe that we only started lessons at Barry Yacht Club a year ago. Proof indeed that Miranda is a brilliant teacher……..she taught us the dance techniques and, of equal importance, she gave us the confidence to perform at the mecca of ballroom dancing. It could be you next year………..go for it! Doug & Shirley White


Started dancing with Miranda in October 2012. I immediately felt welcome, at home and at ease. As I attend Miranda’s class alone the worry was that I wouldn’t have a dance partner, this has NEVER been the case. Miranda is an absolutely fantastic dance teacher and after just a year we have completed medal examinations very successfully and can now dance many Ballroom and Latin dances with ease. Lovely teacher with all the patience in the world.  Miranda is very thorough when teaching ensuring everybody is completely happy with the steps before moving on. The progress within our class is tremendous as I’m sure everyone within the school will agree. I HIGHLY recommend Miranda as a dance teacher and Miranda Lee Dance Studios if you’re looking for a fun, friendly class with amazing outcomes! FABULOUS!  Rose Hunt


Well 18/10/13 the dance class embarked on their mini Blackpool Tower Ballroom Tour. 19/10/13 What can I say Miranda at the Helm as we cruised into the ballroom we hoved to for a warm up session at the Tea Dance.  All I can say is wow still  get goose bumps thinking about it!
19:30 We all put on our best bib & tucker on & made sail to the evening ballroom dance. So many dances so big a floor, we Quickstepped , Jived Cha Cha’d & Rumba’d the whole evening. Midnight we weighed anchor & returned to the hotel, oh an all night bar.! Thanks to all who brought this trip to our attention, Miranda for all her hard work to ensure we danced the right steps, on times not in the correct order!! If you want to learn to dance, check out Miranda Lee Dance Studios. She is absolutely fantastic., also a great way for new friends to socialise with.!!!!!! Andrew & Janet Sheppard – again!



We have been going to Miranda’s classes for a few months now, and as we are both over 60 and my wife is not as mobile as some, we have enjoyed our time learning. We are picking it up slowly and Miranda is very patient and she never rushes us we love it and the people are so friendly and its great fun. I can highly recommend it, if you are thinking of giving it a go…..DO IT  Gerald & Avril French



Miranda is exactly what you would like a dance teacher to be. She is an excellent teacher and she is also very patient and kind. She makes everyone in the group feel at ease with her sunny personality and she never gets frustrated with people struggling with the steps. Each week we go over the men’s and ladies’ steps until everyone is able to do them correctly and then we do the same thing in partnership. My husband and I have been dancing with Miranda for around 8 months now and are loving every minute. We have also been to the social dances in Barry on a Thursday night a few times which has been great for practising our steps and building our confidence, as well as meeting people from the Barry classes there. Miranda’s classes are always filled with fun and laughter and I would highly recommend them to anyone.  David & Sarah Chate-Taylor

As an experienced dancer returning after too long a break, and a bit rusty, I cannot praise Miranda enough for her clear, patient, good humoured teaching method.  I recommend her without hesitation to anyone of whatever experience or none.  If you want to learn dancing skills, exercise your mind and body, and enjoy doing it, Miranda is the one for you. Richard Howell. 


For any complete beginners out there wanting to learn to dance and wondering whether to take the plunge, then all I can say is …. jump right in and you wont regret it.  Miranda is a BRILLIANT teacher.  Her teaching methods are easy to understand and follow, the classes are great fun and you will be amazed with how quickly you will be cha cha cha’ing, waltzing, jiving and samba’ing along with everyone else.
We are thoroughly enjoying our Monday night class plus the company of the other people learning with us.  We would recommend this dance school to anyone.  Thank you Miranda. Idris & Ruth Hanmer 


Lessons are fun but challenging with good progression in the range of steps and complexity of routines taught. Miranda mixes well firmness and correctness with encouragement, consideration of the individual and tops it off with sprinklings of humour!! Rachelle Phillips


We started learning with Miranda early this year after we took our first cruise post-retirement and realised how long it was since we had danced – and that we couldn’t do it anymore! My husband had wanted to do it for about ten years – but I was always too busy! A lesson there! It has been the best thing we have ever done – the classes are great fun,  great exercise, and great practice and we love it. Miranda is a remarkable teacher. She is endlessly patient and no matter how complicated the steps seem to be at first she always gets a class full of people with very different capacities and abilities dancing and enjoying it. That takes real skill – and it is always done with a smile and a good deal of laughter – just proves – it is never too late to start something new! Bill & Terry Taylor 


Miranda is an excellent dance teacher. She has endless patience and she needs it with our beginners standards. Her lessons are most enjoyable and she is always willing to help if we are having a problem with a particular routine. John & Ros McManus 


I have been attending lessons with Miranda for the last six months. I must say she is very patient and the class just rolls along and we learn the steps over and over again and we also learn the steps within the class as the slowest learners. This is not a problem, as going over the same steps time and time again helps you remember them.  Larry James  


Me and my husband were wanting to learn social dancing even before we got married. But that never happened primarily because we were traveling a lot and there was no dance class closer to where we lived until now. Hence we began at Miranda’s dance classes in Dinas Powys, and we love every minute of the time we spend dancing and learning dances with her. The classes are well  organized in terms of different types of dance, and Miranda pays attention to every single person in the dance room. She ensures that everyone knows the routines, the name of  each step is called out. To us Miranda is the best teacher that we have ever had, as we absolutely love her attention to detail and finer points. Most importantly she is so much fun!! Every penny is worth it… Muditha & Amodika Abeysekera 


Coming to Miranda’s class has been one of the best decisions we have made. We have already  learned more in a year with Miranda than we did in three with our previous instructor. She is very patient, and never rushes you if you are having trouble with any particular steps. Steve & Judith Hewitt 


It’s three years on and we’re still dancing…… which must say something about Miranda’s excellent teaching and the fun we’ve been having ;-D We recently celebrated big birthdays with a Tea Dance,  music and tuition provided by Miranda.  Our guests had a fab time (as did we), thoroughly enjoying learning waltz, cha cha and charleston and dancing the afternoon away! Lots of lovely comments on how good and patient a teacher Miranda is. Some of our friends were well outside their comfort zones but if they can do it – so can you! Staarrrt dancing – it’ll be one of the best decisions you make ;-D  Paul & Linda Donovan


A friend asked me to go to latin dancing so went along curious to see if I could do it, thanks to Miranda I soon did learn and improving each week, Miranda is an excellent teacher, her knowledge of dancing is amazing, If you can’t dance when you get there you soon will Miranda doesn’t give up until you get your steps right, she has great patience with a fab sense of humour learning to dance with Miranda is great fun, I’m loving it, and so glad I joined Miranda’s classes, worth every penny for the knowledge she gives you of dancing you could never do. So if your thinking of learning to dance, go to Miranda’s classes you wont regret it you will love it, THANKS FOR TEACHING ME MIRANDA YOU’RE GREAT       Suzi Walford x


We’ve been dancing with Miranda for a year now, and we absolutely love it. The lessons are perfectly paced for everybody and Miranda makes even the most complex routine simple and fun to learn. It’s also lovely to be able to mix with other members of the class at breaks, and Miranda runs practice sessions and socials for all of her classes together- meaning you can mix with people from other classes within the school.
It’s one of the best things we have done and we would recommend it to everyone! Keeeeeep dancing! 🙂  Rhian Horbrough & Scott Pierce




Really fab,so much laughter, love the teaching style always look forward to the classes & social dances. When the going gets tough the tough go cha cha cha. Andrew & Janet Sheppard. 


 A truly enjoyable experience in so many ways. A good venue with secure parking and great views: a nice bar for refreshments. Good exercise – more enjoyable than the gym. Miranda is superb and her instructions clear and concise (her radio microphone means you can hear her instructions at all times). She is especially adept at providing individual support just when it is needed. We have learned new skills (and, like everyone in the class, made the occasional mistake and laughed a lot); we have met lots of lovely new friends and got fitter. In only a few months we have gained the confidence to get up and dance. Sincere thanks to Miranda. Doug & Shirley White  


Dancing classes with Miranda are fun and rewarding. Starting classes in January 2011 is one of the best decisions we have made. We look forward to our lessons every week. We cannot believe that Miranda has taught us to dance so well in so little time. If you’re thinking about learning to dance, Miranda’s classes are the best! Neil & Julia Fenton


Miranda is a great teacher – she makes the classes fun as well as making us work hard to learn!  If you are thinking about learning Latin and Ballroom dancing, Miranda is excellent. Rachel Pugh


We are now about to start our second year with Miranda. The first was so good we’ve come back for more! She is an award winning teacher, very patient, motivating and a whole lot of fun. If I can learn to dance, anyone can! Steve & Helen Jones


For enjoyment and a sense of achievement learn to dance with Miranda. Lyndon & Jan Tapscott.


We have really enjoyed our classes with Miranda.  She is a brilliant teacher and would recommend her 100 percent. lovely setting too overlooking the sea! Louise Arthur & John Dyer.


I started a  beginners class in Sept 2011 on my own but thanks to Miranda and the class I was made to feel very welcome. Miranda is an excellent teacher and this has shown through all our class passing our first medal test exam.  Also because she holds the social evenings this has been a great opportunity to practice and get to know everyone. I would highly recommend the school to anyone.  Wendy Bennett.


We’ve been dancing since September 2010.  We kept the fact we danced a secret until April 2012 as we had asked Miranda to choreograph our wedding first dance as a big surprise for our guests.  We had a private lesson once a week to learn and practice. Needless to say on the big day our quickstep, jive and samba routine went down a storm!  Now the cat is out of the bag we can finally tell everyone how much we love dancing and how great a teacher Miranda is!  Try a couple of classes and find out whether it’s for you or not.  If you’re not hooked I will be surprised! Claire & Andrew Rodwell.


We’ve been dancing since Miranda started and oh what a long way we’ve come! We just have a ball enjoying our lessons and the social dancing. Great dance sessions with lots of laughter and learning.  Miranda is a very patient teacher whilst making sure we progress and dance the steps correctly – very important :-). Very flexible approach which works so well for us as we can’t always both make the sessions  – but this doesn’t matter and is a real advantage and credit to Miranda.  You don’t have to be a couple to come. So get on those dancing shoes (lots of lovely ones available) and join in.  We’re so glad we did! Linda & Paul Donovan

We have sat and watched ‘Strictly come Dancing’ and always said we’d love to learn to ballroom dance… we did!
David works nights and Miranda was so helpful as to make herself available early evening.  She now puts us through our ‘paces’ and we love it! In 8 weeks we have learned Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Waltz, Jive, Quickstep.  We have such a lot of fun and look forward to Miranda’s excellent teaching methods every week, she gives us confidence in ourselves.  We’re both looking forward to wearing all those sequins!! 🙂 Sallie & David Warman-Watts


I have been trying to persuade my husband for 38 years of marriage to learn ballroom dancing.  He finally gave in (now we’re a bit old and creaky!) and he’s really enjoying it, thanks to Miranda.  It just goes to show, you’re never too old to learn.  Miranda is clear, precise, and has infinite patience.  Every step sequence is practiced over and over again until you can’t fail. If you’re a bit nervous don’t be.  Cheerful Miranda gives you a really warm welcome as soon as you arrive, and there’s no pressure at all.  Give it a go!!   Chris & Bobbie Williams